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Hotel Deventer. Why a Hostel Deventer and not Hotel Deventer?

As the owner of Hotel de Vischpoorte Deventer, which is situated opposite the Hostel, I was regularly told: Oh Peter, we just need our own room, a good bed and a shower in a nice location. That's all it is but that is so hard to find in Deventer. Don't you have that for us? So I thought, if that's what guests are looking for, then I will make sure it gets there in Deventer. And that's how the idea of the Hostel came about. A beautiful building opposite the hotel was available. A unique place and a unique concept for Deventer.

For many people who want to spend the night in Deventer, an accommodation with basic facilities is fine. You can make your own breakfast in the kitchen. There are no TV's and we have an excellent wifi for your mobile devices. And don't forget the view from all the rooms: You look out on the old town and it is super nice. Nearby you have lots of restaurants, cafes, the library, nice shops, the town hall. theatre Mimik, the Schouwburg, the Waag and the Lebuïnus church that watches over you at night. We are also close to the beautiful squares such as the

Hotel Deventer and Hostel Deventer. The difference

Brink, the Grote Kerkhof and the new restaurant square on the Grote Poot. Truly a lively neighbourhood that will only become more fun and beautiful in the near future with a new museum and nicely decorated squares. Ideal for walkers, cyclists, young people, theatre lovers, pub tigers, etc.  Come and see!  I would like to welcome you in Hostel Deventer.

Peter van den Hengel
Owner Hotel de Vischpoorte
Owner Hostel Deventer


Hostel Deventer
Nieuwe Markt 3
7411 PA Deventer
The Netherlands
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